One of America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators! Let’s face it, when you lose money, you feel guilty – even when your loss is due to a bad stock broker! Often a broker will try to use this guilt to encourage you to do nothing.  Don’t feel guilty if you lost money – Call us! If you suspect you’ve been the victim of securities fraud, choose your next step wisely. The S.E.C. receives roughly 50,000 fraud complaints a year, and takes action on only 500 of them! Handling the situation yourself also rarely pays off. Your best option is to hire an experienced and skillful Securities Attorney. Charles M. Thompson is an Alabama Securities Lawyer, with a great amount of experience in Alabama stock fraud cases, and he can help you. 


Episode #1 of the Ask a Lawyer Show: What should I do with class action notices I get in the mail from lawyers + do I need to go to Probate Court to make my will official?

Episode #1 of Ask A Lawyer, featuring attorney Charles Thompson. Charles has almost 50 years of legal experience and will answer YOUR questions on almost any issue of law. “Like” our page, and either comment your question here, or send us a message, and your question may be featured on our next show.

In today’s episode, Charles tackles two primary questions:

1. What should I do with class action notices I get in the mail from various attorneys that say I could be entitled to part of a settlement. Are these notices scams?

2. Do I have to go to probate court to make my will official?

Watch and learn, and be on the lookout for our next episode